Health and Physical Education improving academic learning capacities in children

Quick Summary: Health and Physical Education has been proven to not only be positive for children’s physical and emotional health, but also with their mental health and intellectual learning capacities. A study that has come out of the US has shown that physical activity in children can help them with the development of their memory,…


‘Play 5’ initiative aims to get young kids active

Quick Summary: There is a continuing and growing issue around primary school and preschool aged children getting enough physical exercise. According to Australian guidelines, preschool children are recommended to have at least 3 hours of physical activities each day and primary aged children are recommended to have a least an hour of physical exercise per day.…


Health and PE curriculum analysis – Full of holes or full of potential?

This lecture looks ahead to the new 2014 Health and Physical Education curriculum framework, showing the challenges and opportunities that this will present for Health and Physical education teachers. Dawn Penny is a Professor of Physical Education and Pedagogy at Monash University . She addresses the following questions: How gaps in official textbooks best be exploited?…


Gym bulk culture is making school rugby more dangerous

Quick Summary: There has been a rise is injuries from school rugby games due to the students gaining and maintaining more muscle than previously seen. There is a large gym culture that has emerged over the last couple of years, and while this is seen as a counter culture to obesity, bulking and excessive muscle gain…


The next stage of Simonds Stadium redevelopment

Quick Summary: The next stage of redevelopment to Geelong’s Simonds Stadium has been granted $5 million in funding by the Victorian Government. This follows stage 3 of redevelopment to the stadium, which had funding of $26.5 million and included the construction of the Players Stand and the Community Wellness and Education Centre, as well as the installation…


Approval for first stage of Mildura indoor sporting stadium

Quick Summary: The first stage of approval has been given for an indoor sporting stadium in Mildura. The approval has been given for the planning stage of the stadium, which will cater for gymnastics, squash, volleyball, basketball and table tennis clubs.  The projected capital cost are estimated to be about $21 million and the council have…