Why SMC basketball backboards last longer

Sheet moulding compound (SMC) is the new white sliced bread of basketball backboards. So what is SMC and why is it better? What is SMC? Sheet molding compound (SMC) is fibreglass mix that is incredibly durable. It is comprised of several materials including fibreglass, polymer resin, release agents and thickeners. Why are SMC backboards better? Much…

Old cricket net

Indoor/outdoor cricket nets: combining the history of the past with the technology of today

How did legendary leg spinner, Richie Benaud, perfect his bowling skills in the 1950’s? By practicing bowling to the same spot for hours on end in the New South Wales Colt’s nets. Benaud once said “a bleeding ring finger at the end of every training session was not only normal but essential for my development…

Height adjustable netball ring

New height adjustable netball systems at Port Stephens Council

Our brand new height adjustable netball towers (NB314) have just been installed at Port Stephens Council. They are looking fantastic and functioning well. We’re looking forward to putting up a few shots of the netball players putting them into action! For those who are interested in this product, adjustable netball towers (NB314) have the following features:…