Nulla Magna

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Communicating in sports clubs: Not as easy as it used to be

If we look at happy and well functioning sports club, they all have one similar trait.  They’ve established healthy relationships with their stakeholders. Stakeholders aren’t just supporters and members, but represent the full range of people and organisations involved in the success of a club. Maintaining a healthy relationship with all these people/groups isn’t easy.…


The Sports Community – Everything you need to know about being a Sports Club Volunteer

Are you a sports club volunteer? Imagine a place that you can go to get all your burning questions answered. It would have practical information about fundraising, increasing participation, sponsorship, legal compliance, sourcing quality suppliers and more. Well, that resource has arrived! Introducing the Sports Community – “a one-stop shop for all grassroots sports clubs where volunteers…

grant application

7 Tips for Writing Great Grant Applications

There’s no magic formula to writing a successful grant application. Each grant has different requirements and checklists you will need to fulfill. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your chances of getting funding. 1. Decide Exactly What Kind of Grant You Need Before you even start to look for funding,…