Grand Slam – Service & Repairs

• Ceiling Mounted Basketball Structures    • Side Swing Basketball Structures
• Electric & Manual Winches    • Retractable Court Curtains

Grand Slam offers dedicated maintenance / service and repairs for our clients.

Maintenance is an essential part of any OH&S program. Ensuring the equipment is safe to use and to also prolong the life of the equipment.

Grand slam recommend that the systems be serviced every 12 months.

Maintenance generally includes but is not limited to the following:


– Grease gears
– Check/reset limit switches (if electric)
– Inspect winch cable and check it winds into the drum correctly
– Inspect for any damage

– Check and adjust cables if necessary
– Inspect curtain brackets and pulleys
– Grease pulleys
– Inspect for any damage

Basketball structures, plus other sports:
– Inspect for general wear and tear
– Inspect steel work for any damage and corrosion
– Inspect all cables and pulleys.
– Grease pulleys
– Check backboards are positioned correctly and level

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