What’s the hottest trend in kids sport for 2014?

Tennis Hot Shots! Thanks to a joint promotion by ANZ and Tennis Australia to increase young player participation in tennis, Tennis Hot Shots is hugely popular in kids’ sport at the moment. So how does it work? The courts are smaller, the racquets are lighter and the balls are low-compression so that don’t bounce too high.…


15 Inspirational Sports Stadium Designs

Quick summary:  While any arena filled with fanatical supporters cheering for their team makes a stadium atmospheric, these 15 stadiums are even more amazing! These stadiums are all ingeniously built, and fit into their landscapes perfectly, leaving a lasting impression on those who attend a game. From the elegantly simple, to the mind-blowingly complex, the 15 arenas showcase…


No More Laps: Old-School Punishment To Be Banned

Quick summary:  Education Secretary for the UK, Nicky Morgan, has recently announced that schools may no longer use running laps as a punishment for students. Mrs. Morgan stated that students shouldn’t see sport or exercise as a punishment, and that the practice may deter children from participating and enjoying sport.  Morgan hopes that the move will make exercise…


Lynwood Park Artificial Turf Dispute

Quick summary:  Debate has raged between a Liberal MP and Labor Councillor over the decision to provide funding for an artificial turf project in Lynwood Park, Blacktown.  Labor councillor Anoulack Chanthivong has expressed concerns at the high-cost of the project, with $700,000 being provided by the local council, as well as $500,000 of federal funding and $200,000 being…


Full-Time Community Sport Coordinator Position

Quick summary:  Swimming Australia is seeking a full time Community Sports Coordinator to be based in Melbourne. The position will include ‘assisting the General Manager, Community Sport & Stakeholder Relations in coordinating the delivery of the Community Sport Plan and the specific strategies and programs designed to increase participation and the reach of the sport’. Responsibilities:…


Brisbane To Host Sports Matters Conference

Quick summary: Sport Matters will be arrive in Brisbane on September 29 for the Inspire.Unite.Change Conference, which will focus on using sport as a positive tool for communities and development.  The conference is a three day event, and boasts sports and development specialists from around the world, who will lead workshops and expert panels.  The event will…


$2.4 Million Announced For Bendigo Tennis Upgrades

Quick summary: Victoria’s Minister for Sport & Recreation, Damian Drum, has recently announced $2.4 million in funding for the Bendigo Tennis Complex. Drum was joined by tennis legend Todd Woodbridge and Bendigo Tennis Association Vice-President Andrew Lethlean in the announcement, which included plans for a new show court, as well as a new Community and Events Operation…


Volleyball+Soccer+Karate? Asian Games Sports That Wow Audiences!

Quick summary:  The upcoming Asian Games boasts 439 events and 36 different sports, including many non-western sports that seem to defy categorisation, and continually wow new audiences.  The intriguing sports of Kabaddi and Sepaktakraw are probably unfamiliar to most westerners. One is based on holding your breath and chanting while tackling opposition, while the other uses amazing martial-art…


Cairns pushes for sporting infrastructure to boost industry

Quick summary:  There is an increased push within Cairns to become a sporting hub in northern Queensland, with the aim of building a sustainable sports industry and attracting both elite athletes and teams.  There is a sentiment that the Far North constantly misses out on sporting investment as the majority of funding goes into the…