Auckland Council plans to invest in sporting infrastructure

Quick summary: In sports construction news from across the ditch, a plan from Auckland Council has just been launched to improve sporting infrastructure across the New Zealand city.   Although still in the early stages of analysis, the plan proposes spending on artificial sports surfaces, turf drainage and sports field lighting. The Mayor of Auckland,…


AMA launches awareness campaign to tackle high obesity levels in regional Queensland

  Quick summary: The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has recently found that 2 in 3 people living in regional Queensland are overweight. Alarmingly, in Towsville and Macky, 75% of the population is overweight. In response, AMA Queensland has launched a campaign titled ‘Lighten the Load’, and encourages both men and women in rural Queenslanders to…


Physical Education in the Middle Ages: ‘Medical Gymnastics’

  Quick summary: Ever wonder how people stayed fit in the Middle Ages? This fascinating article from the Iowa Health and Physical Readiness Alliance discusses the concept of ‘medical gymnastics’. The concept can be traced as far back as 326 AD, where two Greco-Roman physicians of note began to define the sport. It became popularised…


Unique Belarus football stadium design inspired by tractor valves

Quick summary: A design proposal for a new football stadium in Minsk, Belarus, encompasses an interesting design inspiration. The columns at the facade of the stadium resemble tractor valves, which is a reference to the booming tractor fabrication industry in Minsk. The roof of the proposed stadium consist of circular glazed skylights which imitate the…


Do you know a volunteer within a sports organisation who deserves recognition?

Do you know someone who deserves to be recognised for their hard work and dedication to a sports organisation? Why not nominate them for a Community Sports and Recreation Award? There are programs and awards in each state across Australia that look for nominations each year to acknowledge and thank these hard-working individuals. This is…


Councils starting to question what synthetic grass is doing to our environment

  Quick Summary: This is an issue could be of particular concern to synthetic grass installers in the future. Wembly Down’s resident, Wayne Monks, is calling for a ban on all synthetic grass in the City of Stirling. He claims that they have a detrimental impact on the environment by causing draining issues and adding to…


Parents unable to find the time to play sport with the kids

Quick Summary: A new survey has revealed that due to work commitments, parents aren’t able to find the time to play physical games with their children. The survey asked parents of secondary and primary aged children how often they play physical games with their children, including sports, bike riding or even just simply chasing their…