Sport helping the advancement of Human Rights

Quick Summary: Sport is a big part of our global culture and society, so why not use the sporting platform to promote and raise awareness for human rights?  While athletes are often discouraged from participating in public debate and discussion on current social issues, many sporting professionals are now building awareness that sport is more than…


Football NSW forum discusses facilities expansion

Quick Summary: Western Sydney’s Valentine Sports Park hosted Football NSW’s first Facilities Forum last week. There were over 100 delegates that attended, which included representatives from both metropolitan and regional associations, as well as local council and State Government members. Members and council representatives discussed a wide variety of facility topics, which include synthetic fields, grants, community…


Adelaide Oval wins award for excellence in structural design

Quick Summary: The Adelaide Oval redevelopment has won the Institution of Structural Engineers award for excellence in structural design.  The win has shown that Adelaide Oval is a world leader in stadium design and was commended for the response to the unique challenges faced throughout the project. Previous winners of this award includes the London…


$350 million redevelopment plans for ANZ Stadium

Quick Summary: There has been reported plans for a new $350 million redevelopment of the ANZ Stadium. This redevelopment will see the capacity of the stadium reach over 80,000 and will feature a retractable roof. ANZ Stadium has been previously criticised for not having enough seating close to the field, though the redevelopment this will…


The importance of the sporting club/coach relationship

Article Summary: This article discusses the importance of the sporting club and coach relationship, with particular reference to tennis. There are a number of considerations and questions that a coach should address before committing to a particular sporting club. These include lenth of tenure, capital works, number of courts/fields, and size of the membership/community. Considerations…


Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre’s $7.1 million dollar makeover

Quick Summary: The current Sunshine Coast Recreation Centre is being used for junior sports, however after a $7.1 million upgrade it could see elite sporting players and teams use this facility as a training camp. This multi-million-dollar upgrade will create up to 100 jobs and is hoped to attract more major sporting events to the Sunshine…


Three design firms appointed for $700 million redevelopment of Melbourne Park

Quick Summary: The $700 million redevelopment to Melbourne Park is now ready to go into it’s second stage, with the confirmation of three firms to move ahead with the design.  Hassell has been confirmed to design the new Administration and Media building, Cox Architecture has been given the design for the redevelopment to Rod Laver…


Australians reducing health and happiness through lack of physical activity

Quick Summary: New research shows that millions of Australians struggle to maintain their overall health and happiness due to a lack of physical exercise. Research states that mental health issues are on growing within Australia and that a lot of people are not taking care of their physical and mental health by doing regular exercise.…


Renown architect Dan Meis provides insights about sports stadium design (VIDEO)

Dan Meis is an American architect based best known for designing sports and entertainment facilities including the Los Angeles’ Staples Centre and Seattle’s Safeco Field baseball. In this one-on-one interview, Dan provides insights into what it is like being in the business of designing ‘big’ structures. He discusses the processes involved in the architecture of those…