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Grand Slam now a member of Sports Contractors Association

Grand Slam is proud to announce that we have recently become a member of the Sports Contractors Association. The Sports Contractors Association Limited is a not-for-profit industry association representing the most experienced, technically advanced sports surface builders and sporting equipment suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. The Sports Contractors Association binds its members to a…

Randwick Council athletics field

Randwick Council athletics field to be transformed into community park and sporting facility

  Quick Summary: Randwick City council is in the process of transforming Chifley’s former Women’s Athletics field into a new community park and multi-purpose sporting facility. Chifley Sports Reserve initially began as a household waste facility before it was cleaned up to become an Athletics field in 1955. But now the 7.7 hectare reserve will be…


Why it is Important to Keep Exercising As We Get Older

Quick Summary:   It is now becoming apparent just how important remaining active is for our health as we start to get older. SA Health Chief Exercise Physiologist Bob Barnard highlighted this fact at the recent Australian Association of Gerontology Conference in Adelaide, stating that elderly people lose a certain amount of functionality when forced…

Allianz Stadium

Battle for Funding as Stadium’s fight For Government Money

  Quick Summary:   Stadiums across Sydney are fighting for portions of the NSW Government’s $600 million infrastructure fund to upgrade and develop their facilities. This fund is part of a $1.2 billion Sport and Cultural fund and already has multiple claims to consider including enlarging Allianz Stadium, redeveloping ANZ stadium, and the need for a…


Plans to Increase Communities Access to School Facilities

Quick Summary: The Member for Cook, David Kempton, has revealed that it will now be easier for QLD schools to hire out their facilities to the general public. Under a newly refurbished initiative, schools will be able to work closely with local communties and promote the use of their school facilities. Minister for Education, Training and…


ABC Budget Cuts Affect Women’s Sport Coverage

Quick Summary: With coverage of women’s sport already next to nothing, ABC budget cuts have led to them being decreased even more. Some of the key sporting coverage that the ABC are set to discontinue are women’s soccer and basketball leagues, along with Shute Shield Rugby Union and other State football leagues. The Board Director of Australian Womensport…


Tribute to Phil Hughes

Like most cricket lovers, we were deeply saddened to hear about about Phillip Hughes tragically passing away on the 27th of November, 2014. We wanted to express our respect for this incredibly talented sportsman by posting a video tribute. This video from Cricket Australia shows some of Phillip Hughes greatest moments as a cricketer. Hughes was born November 30,…


Sporting Schools: Expressions of Interest

Quick Summary: Sporting Schools is a $100 million dollar initiative by the Australian Government and is being administered by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC). ACHPER National is gathering, analysing and interpreting data for the review and development of ASC resources. If you feel that your school is demonstrating a positive use of ASC resources, please…


Sport helping the advancement of Human Rights

Quick Summary: Sport is a big part of our global culture and society, so why not use the sporting platform to promote and raise awareness for human rights?  While athletes are often discouraged from participating in public debate and discussion on current social issues, many sporting professionals are now building awareness that sport is more than…


Football NSW forum discusses facilities expansion

Quick Summary: Western Sydney’s Valentine Sports Park hosted Football NSW’s first Facilities Forum last week. There were over 100 delegates that attended, which included representatives from both metropolitan and regional associations, as well as local council and State Government members. Members and council representatives discussed a wide variety of facility topics, which include synthetic fields, grants, community…