Top 8 worst team names in world sport

There are some truly terrible sports club names around the world. See some of the worst examples below and add your own in the comments. [hr] EL PASO CHIHUAHUAS Nothing frightens the opposition more than the sight of a small fluffy dog. [fbshare url=”” type=”button” float=”right”] [twitter style=”horizontal” source=”GrandSlamEquip” related=”@ScottsdaleCC” hashtag=”gochokes” text=”SCOTTSDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE FIGHTING ARTICHOKES They’re…

volleyball nets

Your Ultimate Guide To Volleyball Equipment

With entertainingly-named shots such as the ‘chicken wing’, ‘dinosaur-dig’ and the ‘thunder’, its clear why people are flocking to volleyball! As a simple yet rewarding sport, people of all ages and backgrounds have been drawn to volleyball, from a relaxed post-swim beach game, to Olympic level indoor competitions. With all the different forms of the…