Badminton Equipment

Grand Slam has been supplying high quality, Australian-made badminton equipment, including badminton posts, nets and post padding to hundreds of schools, sports clubs, councils and homes during its 30 years of operation.

The major consideration when purchasing badminton equipment is how they will attach to the floor. Your requirements will vary depending on whether you are installing the badminton posts inside or outside, and whether you have a timber or concrete surface.

If you already have floor socket sleeves installed, you will need badminton posts to match. Grand Slam’s adjustable badminton/volleyball posts (BNT105) will be best suited for this purpose. You will of course need to make sure your internal sleeve measurements suit the badminton posts circumference.

An alternative floor locking system is used with the keyhole floor plate (FP120). This suits a timber floor and can be paired up with the adjustable height T-base badminton/volleyball posts (BNT102T).

Alternatively, if you are unable to modify the floor you could choose free-standing badminton posts with a weighted base. Grand Slam’s free-standing international badminton posts (BNT102 INT) are a perfect solution for this requirement.

If you are needing badminton equipment to suit different age groups, you have the option of choosing height adjustable posts. These badminton posts consist of a locking knob which holds the adjustable slide at the nominated playing height.

If you have any questions about badminton posts, don’t hesitate to give Grand Slam a call on 1800 773 461 or email Alternatively, click on one of the products below to request an online quote.