Your Ultimate Guide to Netball Goal Posts  

Have you got questions about netball posts? You’ve come to the right place!

Grand Slam has over 30 years experience providing netball equipment to schools, councils, sports clubs and residential properties. We’ve supplied sports equipment for countless high profile events and facilities, including the Sydney Olympics, Melbourne Commonwealth Games, South Pacific Games (Fiji), Waitekere Sports Complex (NZ), and Suncorp Stadium.  All our sports equipment is engineered for strength and reliability and is designed and built to meet the most rigorous safety and quality standards.

We have put together this handy guide with commonly asked questions to help you decide what you need when purchasing netball goals.

What specifications do my netball rings and posts needs to be?

The official specifications for standard netball rings from Netball Australia are:

Goal Post
•  Post height: 3.05m (2.4m modified netball)
•  Post diameter: Standard 65mm
•  Ring: 380mm internal diameter 15mm steel rod
However, the specifications vary depending on the age of your netball players. This is where an adjustable netball goal post comes in handy. A goal post with an adjustable ring is essential if you plan on organizing groups of adults and/or children of different ages, not all of whom may be able to cope with a 3-metre tall ring.

For the different age groups, allow the netball ring to be at the height of at least:

  • 244 cm for children between the age of 7 and 9;
  • 305 cm for adults and professional players.


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What’s the difference between indoor  and outdoor netball posts?

Outdoor netball goal posts

The main consideration when it comes to outdoor netball goals is that they need to withstand the weather. For permanent installations, 76mm diameter poles provide rigidity and are robust for outdoor use.

It’s very important that your sports equipment meets minimum manufacturing requirements – particularly if you are supplying to schools. For example, Education Queensland has strict specifications for sports equipment. Before purchasing your sports equipment, it pays to double check they meet legal manufacturing requirements. Otherwise, you could unfortunately be liable for any issues that may arise.

Additionally, a lot of suppliers do not hot dip galvanise prior to powder coating, meaning they are not adequately protected from corrosion (and safety issues that could arise from this). So insist on high quality protection when purchasing your sports equipment to save yourself hassle down the track.

Grand Slam’s netball equipment is thoroughly reviewed and tested to ensure it exceeds safety requirements. All our sports equipment is engineered for strength and reliability and is designed and built to meet the most rigorous safety and quality standards.


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Indoor netball goal posts

Indoor netball posts are designed to be robust, however it is kept in mind that they are often installed on multi-purpose courts. This means there is often a need for them to be removed to make room for other sports equipment. This means they need to be lighter and more manageable to put into storage regularly.

There are also considerations to have the least amount of impact on the flooring as possible. Read on for more details:

How do the netball posts attach to the ground?


To attach netball posts to the ground, the most common and widely used method for outdoor goal posts is the sleeve system – allowing the posts to be inserted into sleeves that are then concreted into the ground, so the post can simply be pulled out whenever you need to pack it up and go. As an added safety feature, caps can also be placed over the holes.

Indoor netball goals require a different lock-down technique, depending on whether the netball court is timber or concrete. Posts are set in place using a sleeve that is concreted in place under the floor, and they are locked in place using a floor plate.

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Do I need netball post padding?

It is highly recommended to install post padding on your rugby posts for obvious safety reasons. In fact, most schools, clubs and councils are obliged by law to cover all exposed sports equipment GPP19with padding to protect players.

Padding can vary in height – however, according to Netball Victoria, it is a requirement that post padding be full height (3m) for public competitions:

“Padding should not be more than 50mm thick and shall start at the base of the goalpost and extend the full length of the goalpost (3m). NB: Associations that have goalpost pads that meet the previous requirements of between 2 metres and 2.5 metres up the goal post, should purchase full-length pads when replacing them.”

For private residential netball goals, shorter post padding is acceptable.

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All these details are essential when it comes to following the most important regulations and guidelines for netball equipment and ensuring a safe and professional game of netball.

We hope you found this netball goal guide useful. Stay tuned for more handy netball equipment tips and info coming your way!

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