SPRO-3 – Electronic Scoreboard: 1000mm high x 2500mm wide

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  • Displays time in red 200mm digits
  • Displays score in red 190mm digits
  • Displays fouls in green 170mm digits
  • Displays time outs in yellow 170mm digits
  • Displays period in blue 135mm digits
  • Displays time out requests as a yellow arrow
  • Displays 5 on court player numbers in yellow 135mm digits
  • Substitution indicator as a blue dot
  •  Supplied with cabled controller, cable, and siren
  • Includes mounting hardware and socket


Grand Slam’s 1000mm high x 2500mm wide scoreboard, engineered for industrial strength, display includes time, fouls, substitutions, players on court, and period. Perfect for games like basketball and netball, great for stadiums and big audiences.

Grand Slam can supply and install a large range of electronic scoreboards, shot clocks and ancillary equipment to suit a variety of sports, including basketball, netball, baseball, softball, hockey, rugby, Australian rules and cricket. Features

  • Plug-in circuitry for easy maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Control panel can be unplugged for security and storage
  • Microprocessor control for reliability
  • High performance, maintenance-free digital displays
  • Shot timer compatible, links with all indoor models
  • Five year back to base warranty
  • All Australian made.

All systems described can be supplied with a radio remote control upgrade. Other types of indoor and outdoor scoreboards are available on request. Unless otherwise noted, no data cable is supplied with these systems.

Call Grand Slam on 1800 773 461 or email sales@grand-slam.com.au for more information.

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