Grand Slam Wind Resistant Sports Screen

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Grand Slam Wind Resistant Sports Screen is an effective, easy to install windbreak (provides up to 70% wind blockage) that also helps reduce glare and eliminates visual intrusion.

Made from UV-stabilised polyethylene for long life, sports screen is resistant to fraying and mildew and is knitted to give superior strength. All edges are double-reinforced. Eyelets are spaced at 500mm centres to distribute the load evenly over the whole screen.

Cable ties or springs can be used to fix the screen to a fence. As well as blocking wind, sports screens are an attractive and functional way to buffer noise and reduce visual distractions. With these adverse elements removed, concentration and level of play improves.

All Grand Slam sports screens are made from superior quality materials and represent attention to detail.

Perfect for club, school or private use.

Standard height 1800mm. Available in green or black.

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