Are you ready for the start of the Winter Sports season?

The weather might be getting a little chillier, and the sky a little greyer…But never fear – because Winter sports are back on!

Popular sports during the Winter season are, of course, the four football codes – AFL, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer. Netball and hockey are also incredibly popular during the cooler months.

These sports are a great way to stay fit and warm up during a time when it is very tempting to stay at home on the couch!

Are you involved with a Winter sport through a school, council or sports club? Run through this checklist to see whether you are prepared for the new season.Steel rugby union goals: 12000mm

Pre-season checklist:

1. Sports equipment

  • Do the goal posts have have any evidence of rust or damage?
  • Are the goal post sleeves filling with water that could cause future rust?
  • Are the goal post sleeves are secure in the ground?
  • Do the nets have any holes in them? (if used)NB303
  • Is all goal post padding are in place and in good condition?

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 2. Playing field/court

  • Is the surface free of debris?
  • Have weather conditions or water made the surface unsafe?
  • Is the surface in good condition? i.e. grass appropriate length, free of holes
  • Are sprinkler covers correctly in place?
  • Are lighting conditions adequate?
  • Are ground markings safe & a sufficient distance from fencing and other structures?
  • Is sports equipment safe & in good condition?
  • Check goal pads and corner posts are in place
  • Check on field seating (bench) for team reserves & support staff
  • Check that bins containing soil or sand are positioned at ½ way on both sides of ground
  • Check sin-bin officials, timekeepers have appropriate area set aside
  • Check hooter/bell is in working order
  • Are all court/field lines clearly marked or do they need a refresh?

3. General Facilities & Change rooms

  • Are the facilities free of debris?
  • Is seating clean and safe?
  • Check safety of any portable seating or scaffolding which has been erected
  • Are the changerooms & referees facilities safe and hygienically clean, particularly showers and toilets?
  • Is hot water working for shower facilities in player & referees rooms?
  • Is there a sufficient supply of ice?
  • Is there a sufficient supply of drinking water and/or soft drink for both competing teams and referees rooms?
  • Are benches and tables provided and in safe condition?
  • Are toilets well maintained, hygienic and adequately stocked?
  • Are waste bins provided and placed appropriately?

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4. First Aid

  • Is a Jordan Frame stretcher provided on site?
  • Is the stretcher location known to teams involved?
  • Is a qualified first aid officer present?
  • Is a telephone available for emergency use, together with emergency numbers being known?
  • Have first aid kit stocks been checked against an appropriate check list, with ice available?
  • Is an ambulance present at the venue while the match is in progress with clear access to arena?
  • Is medical area for club doctors clean and sterile?
  • Do first aid officers know the location of the nearest hospital and medical centre?

5. Teams & Personnel Check

  • Check with coaches/football managers for match timings
  • Check with coaches/football managers for length of breaks Inform timekeepers, ground announcer of match conditions i.e. match time and breaks
  • Inform football managers of warm up areas & procedures
  • Make sure team members know dates and times of games

6. Other Checks

  • Meet with team liaison officials and where applicable security head, coordinator, curator, ticket sellers
  • Ensure that press area is easily identified where applicable
  • Check reserve seating area arranged for players, officials, invited guests & sponsors to use prior to kick off where applicable


This list is designed as a starting guideline, as each sports club will have their unique requirements. Hopefully it will get your mind ticking over and help you prepare for the season ahead.

Good luck!


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