Electric Cable Winch, Single Phase – 1 Tonne Capacity

Electric Cable Winch- 1HP, SINGLE PHASE, 1 Tonne capacity, 3.4m per minute.  Self locking 2 stage worm drive.  Readily adjustable upper and lower limit switches.  Mounting at ceiling level.

Key Switch and Receptacle Hardware Included.  Key switch operation (Electrical wiring by others to suit Nema L14-20 twist lock receptacle in accordance with wiring diagrams requested from GSSE) (weight 31kg)
Note: This winch and plug receptacle are not waterproof and should be located at ceiling level directly above the backboard location or high on a column/wall for curtains. It will require mounting brackets in the ceiling.
The key switch is not weatherproof so should be located on a wall with protection from the weather
– 1 x winch
– 1 x key switch
– 2 x keys
– 1 x Nema plug receptacle in steel mounting box
– wiring diagram