Indoor Goal Post Sleeves & Caps - Timber Floor

Grand Slam supply a range of indoor goal post sleeves & caps to secure your goals into a concrete or timber floor. This is a perfect solution for multi-sports halls and stadiums. Bear in mind that our sleeves need to be professionally concreted into the ground to allow for maximum safety.

Indoor basketball, netball, badminton, tennis and volleyball goals are all usually installed into a timber floor using sleeves. These sleeves are permanently concreted into the ground and are positioned under the playing surface so that posts may be removed if necessary. The ground sleeves can then be covered by caps, making the court usable for other sports and ensuring the safety of players. We also supply floor plates and and lock down bolts which are suitable for securing portable goals.

If you have any further questions about our goal post sleeves and caps for timber floors, feel free to contact Grand Slam on 1800 773 461, or request a quote using the links below.

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  • Access cover plate (ea)

  • Centre stem remover (ea)

  • Flanged floor sleeve: 62mm ID

  • Floor plate with keyhole

  • Floor plate with lift up hook

  • Floor plate with M12 thread

  • Floor sleeve 62mm ID

  • Hook & rivet anchor

  • Suction cap – to remove cover plates 047934

  • Threaded eyebolt

  • Threaded M12 lock down bolt