ABC Budget Cuts Affect Women’s Sport Coverage

Quick Summary:

With coverage of women’s sport already next to nothing, ABC budget cuts have led to them being decreased even more. Some of the key sporting coverage that the ABC are set to discontinue are women’s soccer and basketball leagues, along with Shute Shield Rugby Union and other State football leagues. The Board Director of Australian Womensport and Recreation Association Danielle Warby states that by completely cutting women’s sport from their coverage, the ABC is completely disregarding a large component of their audience. With the Matildas, Australia’s national women’s soccer team, being in the top ten internationally, Warby believes that women’s soccer has earned its place on TV and is appalled the coverage is being cancelled. Former Minister for Sport Kate Lundy is also devastated because of the ongoing ramifications this decision will create. Without TV coverage, sponsorship will decline and sports women will have to pay their own way. Also, with the decline of TV coverage of female role models, the social effect on young women may be detrimental to women’s sports with an all-male dominated sphere being created when it comes to sport. 

Article Extract:

Australians are already underfed with coverage of women’s sport and with the government’s recent decisions to cut the ABC budget, it’s only going to get worse… Board Director of Australian Womensport and Recreation Association, Danielle Warby, believes that completely cutting the coverage shows a disregard for one of the ABC’s major audiences. Football is the only game the whole world plays. The Matildas are in the top 10 and have an infinitely greater chance of winning the World Cup than the Soceroo’s… When there’s an interstate match, I’m watching live while chatting online with the very engaged and vocal fans on Twitter. 

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